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Whether you are a regular or someone just coming for the first time, whether you are a long-time .NET developer or new to .NET development, everyone who wants to learn about .NET and network with other developers is always welcome to HDNUG.
Our monthly meetings (and we've now had over 100!) are always free and feature great technical content, pizza drinks ... and a fun time.

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7/12/2018      dotnet Report Builder

dotnet Report Builder

Featured Speaker: Razi Syed

Microsoft’s SSRS and most of the other popular Reporting Tools by big names like Telerik, Infragistics or DevExpress, are all geared for developers to hand code and design each report.

However, if you want to add an end user, Do It Yourself, Ad read more »

6/14/2018      Architect – How to be more than a title and a Visio?

Architect – How to be more than a title and a Visio?

Featured Speaker: Devlin Liles

In the world of software there are few topics as sensitive as “architects” on a project. We have seen great ones, and terrible ones. In this talk we will break down the parts of read more »

5/10/2018      Pain Free: Avoiding Shared Databases and Managing Test Data In The Cloud

Pain Free: Avoiding Shared Databases and Managing Test Data In The Cloud

Featured Speaker: Richard Flores

Are you and your team still using a shared database for development work? This can cause conflicts over schema changes and a breaking change can shut down your entire team. In this talk, we’ll read more »

4/12/2018      Geek on a Harley: The Chaos Tour Houston

Geek on a Harley: The Chaos Tour Houston

Featured Speaker: Russ Miles

Modern software systems are made up of many moving parts that can fail, that are then built on top of and integrated with systems that can also fail. Throw into this mix the need for these parts to be read more »

3/8/2018      Creating Built-In Extensibility

Creating Built-In Extensibility

Featured Speaker: Stephen Fulcher

Extensibility will significantly increase the value and power of software. In this session, we will define it and explore techniques for building in extensibility on the Microsoft stack. We'll consider things past, things present, and things to come. We will also investigate extensibility read more »